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General Spanish Courses

General Spanish Courses

General Spanish Courses are Spanish Courses that last from just a couple of weeks to 12 weeks. We offer all levels of Spanish at our School in...

Long Term Spanish Courses

Long Term Spanish Courses

Our Long Term Spanish courses last from 3 to 9 months, including a Semester in Spain course and long-term Spanish courses that consist of 2 or...

A Total Immersion Program

A Total Immersion Program

We provide a complete daily Spanish program in Alicante for an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. To learn Spanish in...

Accommodation, Activities, Culture

Accommodation, Activities, Culture

Our Spanish school arranges your housing in Alicante with Spanish families or with other students from our Spanish school. We arrange cultural...

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Accommodation, Great Spanish Teachers, and More!


Accommodation in Alicante Our Spanish School organizes accommodation for students learning Spanish in our Spanish courses. Students can choose to...


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The Standard Spanish Course is our most popular Spanish course. This course consists of 4 Spanish classes per day. You will learn everything you need to advance your level of Spanish and will work on Spanish conversation, reading and listening skills, as well as increasing your Spanish vocabulary.

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Our Spanish Language and Culture Course consists of 5 Spanish classes per day. The first 4 Spanish classes include Spanish conversation, grammar, reading Spanish texts, writing and listening and vocabulary building. The 5th hour of Spanish class focuses on learning Spanish Culture. Topics include Spanish literature, history, Spanish food, and topics that teach you about contemporary Spain.

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In our Spanish Language and Conversation Course you will learn Spanish grammar, reading, writing and listening skills. However, as the name suggests, this Spanish course is designed for students that want to make extra progress in Spanish conversation.

The Spanish Language and Conversation Course offers twice as much Spanish Conversation as our Standard Spanish Course.

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In the Spanish Language and Tourism Course is allows you to learn Spanish and learn about Spain in tourism, the role tourism plays in Spain, and the tourism related offerings in Spain.

In addition to Spanish conversation, grammar and reading and writing skills in Spanish, you will have an additional class in Spain, the role of tourism in Spain, the cultural and natural tourism offerings of Spain, and related topics.

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Our Intensive Spanish Language Course is designed for those who want to learn as much Spanish as possible and who also want to increase their knowledge about Spain and its culture for profesional, academic or personal motives.

The first 4 hours of class consist of Spanish conversation, grammar, reading, writing, and listening.

The 5th Spanish class will cover 1 of several options (you may choose your option) including: Spanish Conversation, Spanish Culture, Spanish Literature, and Translation.

The 6th Spanish class will vary. Classes in the 6th hour include Spanish Writing, Formal Spanish Converation, Contemporary Issues in Spain. Colloquial Spanish Conversation, and other courses of interest.

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The Business Spanish Course consists of 2 Spanish classes per day focused on the language of business in Spain. Course content includes commercial correspondence in Spanish, such as business letters and the formal language used in business.

The Business Spanish Course also includes analysis of articles from business and economic publications, the Spanish business environement, and the role of Spain in the EU.

Many students enrol in our Standard Spanish Course and our Business Spanish Course at the same time. By doing so, they achieve a high level of Spanish and develop the business vocabulary that they need.

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The DELE Preparation Course will prepare you for the Spanish as a Foreign Language exam, or DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera).

The DELE Preparation Course consists of 4 classes per day and will prepare you for the DELE exam. The DELE exam is an exam that tests your level of Spanish and is accredited by the Cervantes Institute

DELE Preparation Courses are held in February and September, and consist of 4 Spanish classes per day (20 Spanish classes per week) dedicated to prepare you for the DELE exam.

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The Group Intensive Spanish Course is a Spanish course with a reduced number of students. The small size of the Spanish class gives each student even more personalized attention. Our Spanish teachers will devote more attention to each student’s needs. Students learn Spanish faster as a result.

This Spanish courses consists of 2 Spanish classes per day, 5 day per week.

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The Individual Spanish Course is designed for professionals, students, and adults that need or want to learn Spanish rapidly. If you need to learn Spanish for a particular objective, this is an excellent Spanish course option for you.

Individual Spanish classes have flexible start dates and class schedules.

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The Spanish Course for Spanish teachers covers teaching theory and practice, as well as strategies and resources that you can use as a Spanish teacher. Sample lessons and lesson planning for Spanish courses are also covered.

The Spanish Course for Spanish designed for active Spanish teachers that want to fine tune their Spanish communicative skills as well as their Spanish teaching skills.

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Our Spanish Course for Groups is a Spanish Course that is designed to meet the objectives and needs of your group.There are two Spanish Course for Groups options:


1 –  Spanish Course for Groups – Closed Program

  • 1 week stay or longer
  • Spanish course tailored to the level of the group
  • Spanish course talored to the Spanish topics of interest to your group
  • Cultural activities available

2 –  Spanish Course for Groups – Integration Program

  • Your group will be integrated into one of our Standard Spanish Courses
  • 20 Spanish classes per week
  • Housing arranged for each member of the group with a Spanish family or in a shared student apartment
  • Activities program with other students in our Standard Spanish Course

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